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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
- charles darwin

AECG is a community of companies founded in 1991 by CEO Alan Ett, which has been focused on the establishment of strong relationships in the production community as a provider of a wide range of services and products.

The success and reputation of each individual company has created the opportunity for the development of new divisions to offer new services, and thereby create new revenue streams. The concept for the growth of AECG is based upon the synergistic leverage of its companies to offer an ever-widening array of extraordinary products and services to the constantly evolving media landscape.

The future of our companies is brilliant as we portray the new model of the all-encompassing studio. We are nimble enough to react to constant change and we aggressively pursue the establishment of strategic alliances with the best of the best in allied industries. We promote from within and we passionately believe in nurturing talent. We are committed to the growth not only of our companies, but also of the individuals who make up these companies.

With a strong entrepreneurial sensibility based on sound business practices, we believe that AECG is poised to be a major creative force well into the future.

AECG Internship Program

AECG proudly supports a vibrant accredited internship program for college and university students. We provide students from around the world with an exclusive opportunity to extend their education in the fields of music production and composing, music supervision, music licensing and publishing, and audio post-production for TV, film, and commercials. When students spend a semester at AECG, they leave with a newfound wealth of knowledge after experiencing firsthand the daily operations of a world-class entertainment operation located in the heart of the industry's homeland.

For music business majors, composers, and others wanting to gain insight into music production and publishing we offer internships with Spirit Music Collective and Spirit Production Music. These companies together provide a broad range of essential music services. We create, supervise, and license music for TV programs broadcast on major networks and cable, as well as independent films and national theatrical releases. We also license music for commercial spots and emerging new media platforms such as smartphone apps, webisodes and electronic games.

Spirit Music Collective's royalty administration department registers all song titles with domestic and foreign Performing Rights Organizations and collects publishing royalty income worldwide, communicating and working daily with leading administrators and sub-publishers around the globe. Spirit Production Music owns one of the leading independent music libraries in the world, representing prestigious international catalogs as well as music from exciting independent artists. Along with assignments related to daily operations, interns are also called upon to create descriptions of our ever-growing catalogs of music, an excellent opportunity to develop critical listening skills using music created all over the world. Please visit our online search engine to get a sense of this vast body of music.

Students interested in audio post-production can intern at Media City Sound, a full-service audio post-production facility staffed with friendly experts and equipped with state of the art technology. Our interns are offered a rare immersion in professional audio practices with stress on attention to detail, protocol, and integrity. We have an extremely talented group of creative individuals who rely on our support staff to provide the backbone of our organization. Job shadowing is essential, so we've created a system to promote versatility. An intern might start in the morning preparing client sessions and end up by cutting custom sound effects. We show our future audio professionals the importance of world-class service while also giving them hands-on technical training and the opportunities they need to broaden their horizons and enrich their education.

AECG interns are treated with respect and given the same level of expectation as full-time employees. Interns are encouraged to participate in company meetings and become contributing members of our team. Networking outside of office hours is encouraged. While you are here in Los Angeles, you should take advantage of these networking opportunities. Your interaction with our community will guide you to events that can lead to a career in your field of choice. If you are ready to become part of our team and work hard while having an amazing educational experience, please see the contact information below.

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