It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
- charles darwin

AECG is a community of companies founded in 1991 by CEO Alan Ett, which has been focused on the establishment of strong relationships in the production community as a provider of a wide range of services and products.

The success and reputation of each individual company has created the opportunity for the development of new divisions to offer new services, and thereby create new revenue streams. The concept for the growth of AECG is based upon the synergistic leverage of its companies to offer an ever-widening array of extraordinary products and services to the constantly evolving media landscape.

The future of our companies is brilliant as we portray the new model of the all-encompassing studio. We are nimble enough to react to constant change and we aggressively pursue the establishment of strategic alliances with the best of the best in allied industries. We promote from within and we passionately believe in nurturing talent. We are committed to the growth not only of our companies, but also of the individuals who make up these companies.

With a strong entrepreneurial sensibility based on sound business practices, we believe that AECG is poised to be a major creative force well into the future.

The AECG Companies

                      Music CollectiveSpirit Music Collective: Spirit Music Collective is a full service music production company located in Studio City, CA. We offer creative music services including composition, music supervision, music editing and music mastering as well as clearance and licensing to the entire production community. Spirit Music Collective was started in 2017, but our history goes back to 1991, when Alan Ett established the company as “Alan Ett Music Group.” As the entertainment industry has changed, so too have we. Having the flexibility and ability to reinvent the company has been a key to our longevity and success.

Emerald Bay EntertainmentEmerald Bay Entertainment is focused on great storytelling. We are a writer-driven company currently doing business in film and television. This new company models itself as the home for writers, where seasoned and new writers have a real outlet for their passion and creativity. The breadth of our development is worth noting, so please visit our projects page for more information on who we are and what we do.

Media City SoundMedia City Sound is one of the fastest growing audio post production facilities in Los Angeles, providing audio post production services for productions of any media format, including television, feature films, promotions, logos, webisodes, video games and more. We offer traditional audio post services, including mixing, Foley, ADR & VO recording. Our award-winning sound designers, editors and mixers have proven time and again to be the best audio solution for any production.

                      Production MusicSpirit Production Music: Spirit Production Music, a division of Spirit Music Group, represents more than 50 unique music libraries from around the world, including the prestigious Audio Horizons catalog from the United States, Musique & Music from France, FM Records from Italy, YB Music from Brazil, Emergency Production Music from the UK, 101 Music from Australia and many more. Together, the libraries that we represent currently contain over 170,000 pre-cleared tracks.

IMRASIMRAS is a worldwide music royalty administration company that specializes in representing television and film related catalogs and the intricacies involved in the collection of performance royalties for broadcasts worldwide for composers and publishers. What this means for our clients is simply better organization of their music copyright assets, increased revenues through the improved collection of royalties generated by the dissemination of these assets and security in the knowledge that their interests are being monitored by experienced industry professionals.